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5 Things that may be stressing your body

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

People think that stress on your body has to be related to the anxiety and nervousness we may experience daily from work or home, but that is not always the case. The food we consume, products we use on our body, possessions we buy at the store, or environment that we live in can all be stressors on our body as well. Here are 5 things that may be causing your body to be stressed out internally and can be provoking inflammation.

Person holding head due to things stressing the body

1. Gut problems: The food we put into our body and the health of our gut can greatly influence the amount of inflammation we have in our body. There is a direct correlation between increased stress internally and levels of inflammation. By maintaining a healthy diet and treating the gut for any infections (fungus, candida, parasites, SIBO, dysbiosis) we can reduce the stress on our gut.

2. Blood sugar issues: Having blood sugar dysregulation makes the body work harder to maintain a proper balance. When we are constantly causing our blood sugar to spike and drop we are putting more stress on our adrenal glands which in turn releases more cortisol in the body. The more cortisol we release, the more stressed our body can be.

3. Toxin exposure: Every day we are exposed to chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, fragrances, etc. These things are found in our soil, foods we eat, products we use on our body, bottles we drink out of, materials used in our car/house/clothing, and even the water we drink. Reducing our toxin exposure can help to improve our hormones, reduce the load on our adrenal glands, and help our brain to function properly.

4. Held in emotions: Holding in emotions that we may be feeling can actually impact our health. If we are not able to release certain emotions then this can cause chronic health issues with any of the organs in our body. Here are a few examples....

  1. Liver-->Anger

  2. Kidneys & Adrenals-->Fear

  3. Lungs-->Grief/Sadness

  4. Gallbladder-->Scattered Energy

  5. Spleen-->Worry

5. EMF exposure: The stress that technology puts on our body in this day and age is increasing more and more. The effects of EMFs and blue light that come off of our Wi-Fi, cell phones, and computers can be detrimental to our nervous system health.

Reducing the stress on your body by balancing any of the topics listed above can be a step in the right direction to improving your overall health. Simple ways this can be done is by not using your phone right before bed, buying organic foods, switching to clean ingredient self-care products, drinking out of a glass water bottle instead of plastic, or talking with a friend about how you have been feeling lately and letting out any pent up emotions. Functional medicine can help to identify which of these may be triggering your stress and we can work to make healthy changes in your life to help your body manage the stress.


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