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The Many Causes of Low Back Pain

Updated: Mar 6

Are you one of the millions that experiences low back pain on a regular basis?

Did you know that low back pain can come from many different sources? Because of this it is important to figure out the culprit, rather than thinking a massage can fix all of our problems or that your chronic disc issue is "flared up" again.

Here are a few health concerns that can cause low back pain. This is including more than just musculoskeletal complaints.

-Chronic inflammation

-Lymph congestion

-Kidney Issues

-Lumbar spine disc issues (bulge, rupture, herniation)

-Intestinal discomfort

-SI joint dysfunction


-Depression (sadness, discouragement)




-Menstruation pains

-Psoas tightness

-Anxiety (worry, stress)

-Lumbar sprain/strain

Low back pain is not always a result of spine issues, so it is important to identify the cause of your pain is. Pain you are experiencing can be referring from another area. Seeking out a chiropractor or functional medicine practitioner can help naturally treat issues like these whether it be a musculoskeletal or visceral issue!


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