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Dry Needling Services In McKinney

dry needling, muscle tightness, acupuncture,muscle work

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a technique used to treat musculoskeletal pain and movement issues. The main focus of needling is to release trigger points within muscle that are the source of pain, tension, and decreased range of motion.

Our clinic in McKinney offers this pain management therapy for residents in the area.


How does dry needling at our McKinney clinic work?


When muscles are used over time, they eventually put a tax on the muscle fibers and decrease blood supply to that specific tissue. Nerves become sensitive around the tissue that is affected, which results in pain, soreness, and those muscle "knots" that are known as trigger points. Dry needling with our McKinney muscle relaxation expert helps to increase blood supply to the area, release tension, and trigger the brain to release endorphins to reduce our pain perception. Inserting needles within the muscle helps to alleviate trigger points, release fascia surrounding the muscle, increase blood flow to the area, increase range of motion, and reduce pain/tenderness. 

Contact us to learn about our dry needling services in the McKinney area.

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